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Motorola Si500 Video Speaker Microphone

Motorola Si500

The Si500 Video Speaker Microphone (VSM) dramatically increases situational awareness, information gathering and evidence collection in the field. Part of the revolutionary Si Series, it delivers all the mission-critical capabilities first responders, commanders and investigators want in one exceptionally smart collaborative device.

Unlike typical body-worn cameras, the Si500 combines voice communications, real-time video, still images, voice recording and emergency alerting in one. Sleek, rugged and feature-rich, Si500 is paving the way for convergence by reducing the number of the devices first responders wear in the field today.

Now you can capture and record events accurately, the moment they happen. Then have the real facts and footage to review, whenever you need them.

The importance of capturing, storing and properly managing video evidence has never been greater for agencies of all sizes. Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS) combines audio and video into one easy-to-use Si500 VSM and leverages an exceptionally cost-effective storage system CommandCentral Vault to simplify video evidence procedures.

Motorola Si500 Features

Capture Critical Events Instantly And Accurately
The Si500 provides an additional layer of protection for officers and citizens by easily documenting video, voice recording and still images without interrupting radio communications. The Si500 is equipped with a 210 degree articulating camera lens that provides optimal field-of-view and flexible wearing positions. Based on preference, users can wear the VSM with the display facing in or out. The display facing out enables an officer to utilize video preview mode to activate the camera allowing citizens to view themselves. This feature can be used as a deterrent to prevent the need to record video altogether.

Extend The Power Of Apx Best-In-Class Performance
Like our industry-leading APX radios, every feature and function of the Si500 is designed with your safety in mind from best-in-class audio to purpose-built ergonomics. Using the Adaptive Audio Engine, Si500 dynamically changes the level of noise suppression, microphone gain, windporting and speaker equalization on the fly for the loudest, clearest audio in any wearing position or environment. The Si500 offers a tempered-glass display with an intuitive user interface that allows personnel to control radio channels and talkgroups, capture video and photos, tag videos and audio recordings. Integrated Wi-Fi dramatically improves the speed of VSM configuration and feature updates with Radio Management.

  • Pre-buffering records 30 or 60 seconds prior to event
  • Realistic low-light recording mimics the human eye
  • Prominent display notification, audible tone or vibration indicate recording
  • Customized video tagging and integrated metadata (time, date, location* and radio ID)
  • Secured with partition encryption featuring secure boot and application white listing
  • End-to-end content management
  • CJIS compliant secure storage
  • Predictable costs
  • Automated redaction
  • Auto-correlates metadata
  • Establishes proper chain of custody
  • Secure evidence sharing (with CAD and RMS)
  • Best-in-class APX-quality audio
  • 2 programmable buttons for video preview and video bookmarking
  • Prominent button for fast push-to-talk
  • Bright orange emergency alert button
  • Easy-to-use power, volume, video and programmable buttons
  • Ultra-rugged, IP67 and MIL-STD rated for harsh environments
  • 5 integrated microphones with Adaptive Audio Engine

*If GPS is enabled on APX Portable Radio

Motorola Si500 Video Speaker Microphone Product Overview Video

CommandCentral Vault

Capturing Video Is Not Hard, Managing It Shouldn't Be Either

What you do with video evidence after capturing it is what can make the difference in addressing accountability concerns with the public and protecting officers and citizens alike. Take an innovative approach to content management with a complete workflow to store, manage and share your body-worn video from CommandCentral Vault.

CommandCentral Vault is a CJIS-capable cloud application, part of Digital Evidence Management Solution, designed to reduce administrative overhead, simplify digital storage challenges and maintain agency policy and compliance.

CommandCentral Vault

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