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Concealed Weapons Detection

Concealed Weapons Detection

Motorola Solutions
Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD)
Powered by Evolv Technology

Protecting Your Students, Employees, Guests & Facilities

Motorola Solutions Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD), powered by Evolv Technology, is designed to address the active shooter epidemic by taking a proactive approach to keeping people and assets safe. Using advanced sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect a wide range of concealed weapons and threats, it is the world’s first and only touchless security screening solution that is conducive to supporting post-pandemic security screening requirements.

Motorola Solutions CWD, powered by Evolv Technology, is a non-resource intensive solution that reduces labor costs by up to 70% and is proven to operate up to ten times faster, as it is more effective than legacy metal detectors with its touchless, dual-lane, free-flow experience.

Fast, Intelligent Screening

Motorola Solutions CWD seamlessly screens up to 3,600 people per hour (60 per minute), eliminating any bottlenecks at points of entry. Unlike legacy metal detectors, wands, and pat downs, the system can intelligently distinguish between threats and everyday items like a cellphone, coins, or keys.

Easy To Operate

Helping security teams to see, understand, and act on potential threats with more speed and accuracy than ever before, Motorola Solutions CWD provides a simple, targeted solution. See in real-time where the potential threat is on a person’s body or bag, reducing the amount of physical contact required.

Situational Awareness

Cameras Featuring two 3 MP Micro Bullet imager modules installed on the front and back, operators can see what’s happening at the tower in high-resolution. The imager modules’ Wide Dynamic Range provide clear image details in varying lighting conditions, including areas with strong backlight, which can be common at entrances.

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