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Motorola PDR8000 Portable Digital Repeater

Rapidly Deployable Project 25 (P25) Coverage Extension

Motorola PDR8000 Portable Digital Repeater

Special ops, security detail teams, and public safety stewards requiring enhanced Conventional two-way radio network coverage can look to the PDR8000 Portable Digital Repeater as their solution of choice when on the move. Designed with these special teams in mind, the lightweight suitcase is ideal for discreet travel.

Set up the PDR8000 suitcase at a special event or incident to swiftly provide local P25 or analog FM on-scene portable radio coverage. Connect to your Motorola Solutions dispatch console wherever it may be via a V.24 telephone connection.


On-Scene Portable Radio Coverage
The next incident can happen anywhere. Portable radios, with their reduced power, can suffer in poor coverage areas. Whether for dignitary protection, a planned community festival or a natural disaster, the PDR8000 portable digital repeater delivers local P25 service for on-scene P25 users.

Housed in a discreet suitcase and weighing less than 28 lbs, the PDR8000 repeater can be easily stored in vehicles for rapid transport. Setup is fast and easy with either AC or 12 VDC power.

Key Features And Benefits

  • All Bands – VHF, UHF, 700 MHz and 800 MHz
  • Lightweight construction - less than 28 lbs.
  • Rapid deployment with AC or DC power source capability
  • Closed case operation
  • Easy to swap internal duplexer
  • Local user interface
  • Deployment profile capability
  • Able to use external duplexer
  • End-to-end Encryption supported
  • Voting and comparator operation
  • Cross patch capability
  • Optional booster pack provides up to 50 watts output
  • Platform support for future interfaces including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet


PDR8000 Data Sheet

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