Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

50 | 513-595-5800 • WWW.MOBILCOMM.COM APX MISSION CRITICAL P25 COMMUNICATIONS OUTLAST AND OUTPERFORM RELIABLE COMMUNICATIONS ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE APX two-way radios are designed for extreme durability, so you can count on them to work under the toughest conditions. Our rugged portable and mobile radio designs are built to last - day in and day out. HEAR AND BE HEARD CLEAR COMMUNICATION CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE The APX family is designed to help you hear and be heard with unparalleled clarity, so you’re confident your message will always get through. Multiple microphones, background noise suppression and windporting technology minimize noise from wind, crowds and sirens. And the loud and clear speaker ensures you can hear over background sounds. KEEP INFORMATION PROTECTED EVERYDAY, SECURITY IS BEING PUT TO THE TEST With the APX family, you can be sure that your calls stay private, secure and confidential. APX supports multiple types of standard and custom encryption. The MACE hardware encryption module within an APX radio provides a hardened, tamper-resistant design for storing encryption keys. MADE FOR THE MISSION APX RADIOS ARE INTUITIVE AND EASY TO USE A distinctive “T-grip” shape allows devices to be securely held with gloved hands or in wet environments. Positive action controls minimize the risk of accidental operation, while extreme ergonomic models are designed for specialized conditions. Displays are easy to read, day and night, and placed just where you need them — or leave the display off for covert operations. INTELLIGENCE IN ACTION AN ECOSYSTEM OF CONNECTIVITY HELPS TO KEEP YOU SAFE APX radios can prioritize emergency calls, send a signal automatically when they sense that use user has fallen or is involved in a collision, provide a Bluetooth® beacon to find missing personnel, and automate responses to specific events or when detecting a geofence. And upon recognizing poor signal quality, APX radios can route voice and data over broadband.