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51 | 513-595-5800 • WWW.MOBILCOMM.COM MOTOTRBO RADIO SOLUTIONS 7 BUYING GUIDE | MOTOTRBO TWO-WAY RADIOS PTT over LTE is available exclusively for MOTOTRBO radios in the Professional Enhanced tier and up, enabling nationwide PTT, a unique value-add thanks to our WAVE PTX service. Full Wi-Fi broadband data is available on the Premium tier, MOTOTRBO Ion, allowing for carrier-network LTE and private LTE with our Nitro network and also quicker updating, programming and provisioning over LTE. Bluetooth connectivity allows for MOTOTRBO devices to connect to audio and data applications. Bluetooth accessories are an attractive option to enhance the audio experience, such as remote speaker microphones and headsets. Bluetooth also provides a way for MOTOTRBO radios to connect to devices such as Honeywell Gas Sensors. Wi-Fi connectivity can provide radio managers with the opportunity to remotely program radios faster than over DMR, without taking them out of the field. Wi-Fi connectivity is available for programming and for PTT over Wi-Fi via WAVE PTX, for the Professional Enhanced tier radios. PTT through WAVE PTX allows for dead spot mitigation for places where MOTOTRBO systems were not designed to reach. Full Wi-Fi data is available on the Premium tier with MOTOTRBO Ion. LTE BLUETOOTH WI-FI CONNECTIVITY DIRECT MODE/SINGLE SITE CONVENTIONAL Every MOTOTRBO radio is capable of direct radio-to-radio communication without repeaters or radio systems and used with single site conventional systems. A conventional system is a step up from basic radio-to-radio communications, where radios communicate via a high-power repeater, giving better coverage and more centralized control. Our commercial radios are designed for direct mode or single-site conventional systems. MOTOTRBO DMR SYSTEMS MOTOTRBO systems offer several advantages over conventional systems and direct mode, such as more user capacity, customized coverage and increased control. Systems can be deployed for single- or multi-site, employing dynamic trunking to increase capacity, for up to 3,000 users per site, and up to 250 configurations. MOTOTRBO systems are the backhaul for not only voice but also data for a network of applications developed specifically by and for users. Our Entry-Level Professional radios are designed for use on our Capacity Plus Systems, and Professional Enhanced for Capacity Max systems. SYSTEMS