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About SecureTech Systems

SecureTech Systems

SecureTech Systems has been designing and selling critical incident notification systems since the early 1990s. Initially, we offered our systems mainly to county courthouses and other government facilities. In time, the demand for our systems has grown to include schools, hospitals, factories, and office buildings.

Our system is unique, because it delivers alarms directly to first responders. Incident notification is the crucial first step in resolving emergencies as they occur. The faster that officers can know about a situation and respond, the sooner it will end.

Over the years, we have learned what features are needed to make a critical incident notification system more robust and effective.

We have added these features to our system. The WAVE Plus is now so feature-rich and flexible it can be used by just about any type of facility that needs instant notification in any type of emergency or equipment breakdown.

Our system is proven technology and in use at more than 2,000 facilities across the USA and Canada.

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