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Motorola MLC 8000 Analog Comparator

Support Circuit and IP Networks

Motorola MLC 8000 Analog Comparator

The MLC 8000 allows for gradual migration of analog systems from circuit-based transport networks to IP. With the MLC 8000 you can take advantage of the cost savings of an IP network while maintaining your analog equipment.

Each MLC 8000 serves as either an analog comparator or link converter at remote RF subsites.


Analog Comparator Functionality
When operating as an analog comparator, the MLC 8000 analyzes the audio quality from multiple receivers periodically during a call and selects the receiver with the best audio content to be retransmitted over the air.

Link Converter Functionality
When operating as a link converter, the MLC 8000 provides the translation function that changes the analog or V.24 digital signaling into IP and the other way around.

Superior Audio Quality
The MLC 8000 uses an advanced G.711 voice codec technology to provide transparent operation for several analog signaling standards, including MDC 1200 and DTMF. The Motorola-designed audio sampling hardware and digital signal processing provide superior audio fidelity, minimizing the impact of packetization on the audio quality experienced by subscribers and console operator positions.


MLC 8000 Conventional Analog Comparator

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