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Motorola GRV 8000 Comparator

Best in Class Project 25 (P25) Audio

Motorola GRV 8000 Comparator

The GRV 8000 Comparator is used in Project 25 (P25) conventional or P25 trunking voting and simulcast network topologies to increase the talk-in coverage of a radio in the field.

The comparator works by picking up the audio from multiple sites and performing a frame-by-frame analysis to identify and combine the highest quality audio package for transmission.

The GRV 8000 supports analog conventional and P25 digital conventional systems.


Improve Audio Performance
Provides superior talk-in performance and system coverage in voting and simulcast network topologies.

Continuous Voting
Employs dynamic frame-by-frame voting and combining to ensure the best audio quality is constantly transmitted for other users to hear.


G-Series Site Equipment for ASTRO® 25 Radio Systems Datasheet
Mission-critical Communications - Designed to a Tougher Standard

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