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Alarm Control System (ACS)

Alarm Control System

Automatic, Intelligent Dispatching Of Alarms, Job Tickets & Notifications


Teldio’s Alarm Control System (ACS) is a software-based application that intelligently dispatches emergency and business-critical alarms, work tickets and notifications. Integrating into building management, machinery, job ticketing software and third-party network systems, ACS monitors for alarms around the clock.

ACS ensures that alarm management and notification process is automatic, efficient and reliable by dispatching notifications to the right person based on the time of day, location and competency necessary to respond to the task. The closed loop system pushes alarms to the next suitable person until they are acknowledged, resolved and closed. By doing so, response times to alarms and emergency events are significantly reduced, workplace efficiency improves and accountability is enhanced.

ACS filters and transmits alarm notifications via email and text message, as well as text and audio notifications to MOTOTRBO™ radios, Android devices and mobile phones.

Key Benefits

  • Improve Workplace Efficiency - ACS consolidates alarm sources & manages the alarm notification process to significantly improve response times.
  • Enhance Employee Safety - ACS ties into employee safety solutions and recognizes notifications from third-party panic buttons, MOTOTRBO™ radio & Android panic buttons. ACS dispatches the notifications to the appropriate individuals, resulting in employees responding to events and emergencies faster and more efficiently.
  • Rich Reporting & Enhanced Accountability - ACS’s rich reporting features allow administrators to track how long it takes employees to respond, accept & close alarms.

Key Features

  • ACS listens to multiple alarm sources: fire alarm panels, production machinery, panic buttons, building management system, HVAC system, pumps, sensors, job ticketing software, ACS Desktop Messenger, management software, PLC, SCADA, I/O contact closures.
  • ACS sends a pre-recorded voice and/ or text alarm message to the correct individual’s devices, based on their competencies, schedule and location.
  • Pair ACS with RTLS, Teldio’s indoor & outdoor positioning solution to automatically trigger an alarm when an employee enters or leaves a restricted zone.

ACS Application

System Requirements And Types

  • Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility:
    • Software supports Direct Repeater Connection. If the customer chooses to go with Control Stations, an XPR 4000 or 5000 series control station (base radio) per channel (Conventional Mode) or one control station per system (Trunked Mode) is required.
  • Computer Hardware/Operating Systems:
    • Intel® Core™2 Quad / Intel® Core™2 Duo / Intel® Pentium® or similar, Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit / Windows 8 Professional 64-Bit / Windows Server 2008/2012, 4GB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM or higher, Minimum 160GB Hard Drive, Integrated: 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN on system board, minimum four (4) externally accessible USB Ports.
  • Interfaces:
    • Supports Alarm Interfaces: RS232, I/O, ASCII, SMTP, OPC, SMS, TETRA, DMR, Ekahau, SNMP, Spectralink Wi-Fi, SDS, Web Services.
  • Compatible with IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus.


Hospitality, Public Services (non-Public Safety Government), Utilities.

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