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94 | 513-595-5800 • WWW.MOBILCOMM.COM VIDEO SURVEILLANCE & ANALYTICS AVIGILON ACCESS CONTROL MANAGER Part of the Avigilon trusted security solutions portfolio, Access Control Manager (ACM) helps organizations keep people, property and assets safe with an easyto-use, role-based system that can grow with you. It has the flexibility to work with the systems you already have, which helps eliminate extra work and increase productivity. Works with Your Existing IT Systems Manage permissions centrally, from a single location. ACM integrates with Active Directory, HR databases, and other IT and logical security systems. Easy to Use – Anytime, Anywhere ACM is a 100% browser-based solution that allows full access from any device, enabling security personnel to respond to an incident immediately, no matter where they are. Trusted Security. All in One Place. ACM integrates with Avigilon Control Center, to easily manage video alarm events with either system and display them through an intuitive interface. When You Grow, We Grow Scale up or down. Since our solutions are open and browser-based, you can scale with a low cost of ownership. With three appliance options, ACM offers the flexibility of arming one door or thousands. Never Be Caught Off Guard Hot-standby or auto-failover is always at the ready through our cloud-based server architecture, switching to your backup system automatically in the event of a fatal failure. This saves you from costly redundancies, and lets you keep business, business as usual.