Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

72 | 513-595-5800 • WWW.MOBILCOMM.COM 4RE IN-CAR MOBILE VIDEO SOLUTION EXTEND BEYOND A 12 HOUR SHIFT The V300 offers a detachable battery, meaning officers need not worry about exceeding battery-life when on-shift. AUTOMATIC WIRELESS OFFLOADING Using wireless networks, the V300 can be docked in-vehicle and download footage to the on-premise evidence management system automatically, saving officer time and reducing the administrative burden. SECURE AND ROBUST With encryption at rest and in transit, the V300 ensures your data is secure at all times; and with its ruggedized exterior and IP67 rating, the V300 withstands the elements. RECORD-AFTER-THE-FACT (RATF) ENABLED This unique feature ensures evidence is never missed, by recovering what would otherwise be lost. Should an officer fail to press record due to prioritizing fast response during an immediate threat, RATF is a safeguard that allows that footage to be recovered. V300 BODY-WORN CAMERA Enhance your in-car video system by equipping your officers with the new V300 body-worn camera - designed for police use. Seamlessly integrate footage captured on any number of V300 body-worn cameras with you 4RE system in the field, to gather indisputable evidence of any incident. Protect officers from the moment they leave the vehicle with a body-worn camera designed for shift-long wear, immediate response and in-field offload.