Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

66 | 513-595-5800 • WWW.MOBILCOMM.COM APX SOFTWARE & APPLICATIONS APX MISSION CRITICAL APPLICATIONS AND SOFTWARE Bringing new advancements to P25 usability and performance. Applications and software to keep your teams safer, more efficient and more agile. Stay Connected, Keep Informed and Change Outcomes Safety Stay connected to your teams and protect those who protect our communities. Efficiency Obtain the critical information you need for a faster and more effective response. Agility Manage your radio fleet anywhere, anytime with no interruption. APPLICATIONS TO MEET MISSION CRITICAL CHALLENGES Real solutions for the real world. Connecting technology and people so you can do what you do best - protecting, serving and improving the world around you. SmartConnect SmartConnect automatically switches your voice communications to broadband if you lose radio coverage. When you move beyond the limits of your radio system’s coverage, you shouldn’t have to leave your lifeline behind. Whether a pursuit takes you out of coverage, or you’re assisting another agency, SmartConnect ensures your lifeline is always in reach. Personnel Accountability Improve safety and command staff decision-making during fire incident responses. Automate roll calls and evacuation commands and manage mayday and man-down reports at the fireground. Whether it be the threat of a raging fire, coordinating a stakeout, or handling the complexity of a multiagency response, incident command needs to know who is on-scene, what they are doing, how long they’ve been working, and if they are okay. SmartMapping Locate and connect with other officers, right from the screen of your APX NEXT™ radio. Empower your public safety teams to collaborate and coordinate better. Find your location. Find other officers, view their status, and tap to communicate. RadioCentral Radios spend less time in the shop and more time in the field keeping responders safe. RadioCentral™, Motorola Solutions cloud-based programming platform, dramatically reduces the time and resources needed to provision and update your radio fleet. ViQi Virtual Assistant With ViQi at your side, it’s faster and easier to run routine database queries. Dispatchers can focus on responding to the most critical situations. And the intelligence that keeps responders safe is moved to the field, faster than ever.