Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

55 | 513-595-5800 • WWW.MOBILCOMM.COM APX MISSION CRITICAL P25 COMMUNICATIONS O2 CONTROL HEAD EXTREME USABILITY The O2 control head provides rugged simplicity for efficient and confident communication. Extreme controls with an easy-to-read color display and a built-in 7.5 watt speaker provides clear visual and audible user experiences. Available in high-impact green or black. E5 CONTROL HEAD UNMATCHED READABILTY. OPTIMIZED USABILITY. A bright color display and intelligent lighting makes the E5 easy to read under any condition while the optimized tactility and button placement reduces inadvertent actuations. O7 CONTROL HEAD INTEGRATED MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY The O7 is a sophisticated control head with a color display and built-in keypad. It can integrate your radio vehicle control into a single ergonomic interface and supports dual radio installations. O3 HANDHELD CONTROL HEAD HANDHELD FLEXIBILITY The O3 corded control head fits all your mobile controls in your hand. With the O3 your radio controls are never out of reach. Exaggerated design and rugged housing for extreme environments Programmable menu buttons Enlarged multifunction channel / volume knob Full color display with night mode and intelligent lighting Easy to read, anti-reflective color display Full color display with night mode and intelligent lighting Multi-function channel / volume knob Dedicated volume and channel knobs for quick control Programmable menu buttons Programmable menu buttons Integrated controls for siren and lights, PA and gunlock or DTMF keypad Integrated high density speaker for loud, clear audio Programmable buttons all around Full color display with intelligent lighting Programmable menu buttons Dedicated volume and channel rockers Fully integrated DTMF keypad APX CONTROL HEADS* Integrated control head and microphone design BROCHURE APX P25 COMMUNICATIONS