Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

52 | 513-595-5800 • WWW.MOBILCOMM.COM APX MISSION CRITICAL P25 COMMUNICATIONS APX 6000 SERIES SINGLE-BAND P25 PORTABLE AND MOBILE RADIOS THE APX 6000 IS BUILT ON DECADES OF PUBLIC SAFETY EXPERIENCE TO DELIVER EFFORTLESS COMMUNICATION WHEN YOU NEED IT THE MOST. For a single-band radio, the APX 6000 series does not lack in features. From ergonomics to audio quality, these radios are designed to outperform. A non-slip T-grip shape sets the portable radio firmly in your hands while optimized placement of button and knobs offer immediate access to radio controls. Need to find the emergency button? Simply slide your hand down the portable radio antenna or reach for the top right corner of the mobile. The APX 6000 picks up your speech from any direction, and then the innovative APX Adaptive Audio Engine applies exactly the right amount of processing: enough to remove background noise, but not enough to degrade speech quality. Dynamically adjusting its algorithms as external conditions change, the APX 6000 automatically gives you the best audio that’s possible. Out on the streets, APX 6000 series radios are ready to take all the abuse you can throw at them. Our rugged designs protect portable radios against drops, water and dust, while keeping mobile radios intact during vehicle impacts. Because when your life is on the line every day, you can’t afford to carry an ordinary radio. APX 6000XE RELIABLE. RESPONSIVE. READY FOR THE EXTREMES. Single-band portable radio for fire and rescue teams. APX 6000 RELIABLE. RESPONSIVE. READY FOR ANYTHING. Single-band portable radio for first responders. SRX 2200 RELIABLE. RESPONSIVE. READY FOR ACTION. Single-band portable radio for military teams. APX 6500 RELIABLE. RESPONSIVE. READY FOR THE STREETS. Single-band mobile radio.