Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

47 | 513-595-5800 • WWW.MOBILCOMM.COM MOTOTRBO RADIO SOLUTIONS PURCHASING FOR PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS The demands of today’s workforce and the nature of business communications have made it increasingly complicated to equip your teams with devices adequate for the challenges of their environment, while delivering long-term value. Communications now span across several types of networks and devices for voice and data, but the main focus is still keeping your teams and customers safe, while making your operations more efficient and connected. In order to achieve these goals, your teams are monitoring video, access control and more. Those technologies should not be siloed — you are stronger, more, proactive and responsive when everything under your technology stack is connected and works together. So where do you start when evaluating different communication options? It’s a lot to consider, but it starts with the devices that your teams use daily, and rely on as their lifeline. MOTOTRBO RADIOS CP 100d CP 100d SL 300 CM300d CM200d COMMERCIAL VOICE ION PREMIUM VOICE, BROADBAND DATA, ANDROIS OS ENTRY PROFESSIONAL XPR 2500 VOICE, BASIC SYSTEMS PROFESSIONAL ENHANCED XPR 5000E HCH XPR 5550e XPR 5580e SUPERB VOICE, ENHANCED DATA, SYSTEMS, FEATURES XPR 5550e XPR 5580e XPR 7550 I.S. XPR 7580e I.S. SPECIALIZED (CANADA) HAZERDOUS LOCATION XPR 3300e SL3500e XPR 3500e R7 R7 R2