Motorola Solutions Full Line Catalog

30 | 513-595-5800 • WWW.MOBILCOMM.COM MOTOTRBO RADIO SOLUTIONS 6 BUYING GUIDE | MOTOTRBO TWO-WAY RADIOS CAPABILITIES Business communications devices must be built ready to withstand harsh and unpredictable environments. Ingress/International Protection (IP ratings) are industry-standard durability ratings. The first number in the rating refers to protection against solid objects, and the second refers to protection against liquids. MOTOTRBO radios start at IP54 and top out at IP68. Hazardous location certifications are sought after for environments where flammable or explosive gases, liquids, dust, or “flyings” may be encountered. Health and safety regulations often mandate that products used in these areas must be HazLoc-certified. # OBJECT SIZE EXAMPLE 0 – No protection against contact and ingress of objects 1 >50 mm Protected against large objects 2 >12.5 mm Protected against fingers 3 >2.5 mm Protected against tools 4 >1 mm Protected against wires 5 Dust Dustproof: Dust may enter, but not enough to interfere with product operation 6 Dust Dust-tight. No dust may enter # PROTECTION 0 Not protected against liquid intrusion 1 Protected against vertical dripping water 2 Protected against water dripping at an angle 3 Protected against spraying water 4 Protected against splashing water 5 Protected against water jets 6 Protected against powerful water jets 7 Protected against immersion (up to 1m / 3ft for 30 mins) 8 Protected against immersion (beyond 1m / 3ft - Motorola tests to 2m / 6.6 ft for 2 hrs) HAZLOC CERTIFIED MODELS ARE AVAILABLE STARTING AT THE ENTRY PROFESSIONAL TIER AND UP. INTRINSICALLY SAFE* MODELS ARE PROFESSIONAL ENHANCED TIER AND UP. DURABILITY *Intrinsically Safe is an equipment design protection method for Division 1 which encompasses hazards that may be present under normal operating conditions or frequently present during maintenance and repair work.