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20 | 513-595-5800 • WWW.MOBILCOMM.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED CREATING SAFE SCHOOLS NEXT GENERATION SAFETY FOR THE NEXT GENERATION Keeping our schools safe and our students focused on learning have become top priorities for teachers, parents, and communities nationwide. That’s because threats to school safety and security continue to rise. Today’s staff and teachers are not only responding to everyday incidents, such as hallway altercations or minor health emergencies, but also critical emergencies. Communications and safety technology is evolving to help schools meet these security challenges and ensure that students feel secure, supported, and ready to learn at all times. We envision a world where technology works seamlessly together to respond to everyday emergencies while also recognizing patterns, anticipating actions, and preventing situations before they escalate into emergencies. Motorola Solutions calls this vision – Safety Reimagined. Motorola Solutions made this vision a reality by building a unified and connected technology ecosystem that integrates critical communications, video security, data, and analytics, and is built on one common operating platform – giving schools the systems they need to detect, analyze, communicate and respond to unfolding incidents or threats. The same technology that keeps your team and facility safe also makes you better at everything you do. Safety Reimagined integrates the fundamental technologies to keep your facility connected and operations efficient – providing the assurance of safety you need so students and staff can focus on their learning and development. TAKE SCHOOL SAFETY TO THE NEXT LEVEL It’s time to reimagine what safety can do — driving efficiencies, bolstering performance and helping you deliver a secure and supportive school environment for children to learn. By bringing together the technologies and solutions you need to detect, analyze, communicate, and respond, Motorola Solutions’ Safe Schools integrated technology ecosystem is helping you build a safer school. So you can attract families to communities where students can thrive. And where you can recruit the best teachers and faculty who can focus on educating the next generation. VIDEO