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14 | 513-595-5800 • WWW.MOBILCOMM.COM SAFETY REIMAGINED Limited Resources Lack of Proactive Situational Awareness Disparate Systems Inconsistent and Extended Incident Responses Ecosystem Customization UNIFY YOUR TECHNOLOGY ECOSYSTEM AND REIMAGINE YOUR APPROACH TO SAFETY Organizations and enterprises are increasingly challenged with complex operational and security issues. A common struggle is effectively monitoring large or demanding areas of operation, making it difficult to proactively recognize and respond to potential threats before they become emergencies. MAXIMIZE YOUR SECURITY INVESTMENTS WITH AN INTEGRATED ECOSYSTEM Businesses depend on an increasingly diverse set of tools and technology to help stay safe and get the job done – effectively detecting and analyzing events, communicating, responding to and reporting any security or operational threats. However, outdated and siloed systems and processes in place today can negatively affect efficiency and productivity, and most importantly, risk the safety and security of people and property. An integrated technology ecosystem reduces inefficiencies, streamlines operations and delivers improved security for your organization. NOW, THERE’S A BETTER WAY TO KEEP PEOPLE, ASSETS AND OPERATIONS SAFE Motorola Solutions has reimagined the entire approach to safety with the first technology ecosystem that unifies and standardizes voice communications, video security, data and analytics on a single common platform. Motorola Solutions calls it Safety Reimagined, and it allows you to address everyday concerns as well as emerging situations through the four pillars – Detect, Analyze, Communicate and Respond. Detect Analyze Communicate Respond ENABLING POWERFUL CONNECTIONS TECHNOLOGY FOR A SAFER WORLD DETECT RESPOND ANALYZE COMMUNICATE