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PMP 450i High Gain Integrated Subscriber

PMP 450i High Gain Integrated Subscriber

The ultra-wide band 450i features dynamic interference filtering, IP-66/67 enclosure, and multifunction AUX port. Extend product range with the integrated high gain panel antenna.


  • Ultra-wide Band
    Radios support the entire band, whether in 5 GHz or 3 GHz. Advanced radio design improves transmit power and increases receive sensitivity.
  • Rugged Metal Enclosure
    Designed to meet IP-66 and IP-67 standards to withstand harsh environments. Optional ATEX/HAZLOC certified models available for hazardous deployments.
  • Dynamic Interference Filtering
    Provides industry leading noise isolation for improved performance • Updated FPGA and SoC architecture triples the processing power compared to PMP 450
  • Multifunction AUX Port
    Allows for greater flexibility for deployment by adding a camera or other PoE directly.


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